Oshii Mamoru, known for “Ghost in the Cell” and “Patlabor”, is currently busy at work as the original creator, screenwriter and general director for the new animation “Vlad Love”. “Vlad Love” has released its first key visual. In addition, the official website is now hosting a “Guess the Voice Actors Quiz”, those who guess correctly will have a chance to be invited to a preview screening.

World-famous anime creators will be joining the crew of “Vlad Love”. Oshii Mamoru has teamed up with Nishimura Junji (know for “Urusei Yatsura”, on which the two worked together), who will be directing, Wakabayashi Kazuhiro, who will function as sound director, and Kawai Kenji, who will be composing the music. Oshii has been depicting slapstick comedy since Urusei Yatsura.

Bamba Mitsugu is a high school girl and a blood donation enthusiast. She passes her days frequenting blood donation cars, where she gets treated cruelly by the nurses… Then one day, she meets a beautiful foreign (?) girl near the blood donation car. The girl looked pale, and like she might collapse any moment, then, the moment it looked like her blood might be drawn, she changed suddenly and destroyed the blood donation car. Mitsugu somehow manages to protect the unconscious girl and decides to carry her home…

For further details about this project, and how to participate in the “Guess the Voice Actors Quiz”, please check the official website.