The 2nd announcement of casts for the anime “MARS RED”, based on a musical stage reading and scheduled to be broadcast on 2021, are Orikasa Fumiko, Takagi Ayahi, Furukawa Makoto, etc. At the same time, the characters' visuals have been revealed.

“MARS RED” is a musical stage reading anime where it is originally written, scripted, and directed by the playwriter Fujisawa Bunou, who is titled “the leading person in musical stage readings” and the mangaka Karakara Kemuri is in charge of the main visual.
The story is set in the Taisho era (Period in the Japan history dating from 30 July 1912 to 25 December 1926)where it depicts the action of the “Special Unit 16” aka “the Zero Agency” of the anti-vampire organization secretly formed by the Japanese government.

It was announced that Orikasa Fumiko, Yanaka Hiroshi, Takagi Ayahi, Kokuryuu Sachi, and Furukawa Makoto will join as the cast. Orikasa and Yanaka will be voicing Shirase Aoi and Nakajima Sonosuke respectively, who are familiar and important characters in the musical stage reading. Takagi, Kokuryuu, and Furukawa will be voicing the new original character which are Misaki, Tenmaya Shinnosuke, and Rufus Glen.

Further information such as the main characters will be announced from summer onward.

(C)Fujisawa Bunou/SIGNAL.MD/MARS RED Production Committee