From the TV anime “Mars Red”, the outline and scenes from Episode 4 “Uta Shirazu no Uta” (Unknown Song), have been released.

“Mars Red” is the first-ever musical recitation that received a TV anime adaptation. The original work was written by Fujisawa Bunnou, the leading person in musical recitations, the characters were designed by Karakarakemuri, and the story editing/script was handled by Fujisaki Junichi from “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex”.
Set in the Taishou period, the anime depicts the story of an anti-vampire team put together by the Japanese government, “Special Forces Unit 16” (a.k.a. the Code Zero Squad).

Episode 4 is titled “Uta Shirazu no Uta”.
In the training ground at night, Kurusu looks nervous with a sword in his hand, facing Maeda. Maeda bluntly tells Kurusu, who has hesitation in his mind, that his naiveness will destroy his team.
An unnatural dead body, killed by a harlot vampire, was found in Yoshiwara, and Kurusu and his team go undercover. They investigate the brothel to which the dead harlot belonged. Suwa, who got in, meets a harlot, Akari. She gives Suwa her hairpin, and they make a promise.
Just when they feel a moment of peace, word came in that the vampire had been found.

TV Anime “Mars Red” Episode 4 “Uta Shirazu no Uta” was broadcast on Yomiuri TV and other channels on April 26, 2021.

(C) Fujisawa Bunnou / SIGNAL.MD / Mars Red Production Committee