“Mifanda”, the official character of the unit Ukasukazy where Sakurai Kazutoshi from Mr. Children and Rapper GAKU-MC belong, will be adopted in the animation in Jul. 2020. The participation of Ono Kenshou and Ichikawa Taichi has been decided.

“Mifanda” is the official character of the unit Ukasukazy, where Sakurai Kazutoshi from Mr. Children and Rapper GAKU-MC belong to. His eyes are in the shape of a pentagon because he loves football (soccer) so much. He loves music so much that his ears are the headphones. He seriously thinks that he wants to make the world happy with football and soccer.

Ono Kenshou and Ichikawa Taichi will play roles in this anime. The comments from them have arrived.

Anime “Singing Soccer Panda Mifanda” will be broadcast from Jul. 2020. Further information will be announced later.

<Full Comments are Listed Below>
Hi, I'm Mifanda! My anime called “Singing Soccer Panda Mifanda” will start this time! What I wish throughout this anime is….world peace! I want you to be happy first, and I want everyone else around the world to become happy as well. I hope everyone around the world will be nicer to each other, and I will be grateful of it!
Please watch the anime~♪

Ono Kenshou, playing No. 3
My name is Ono Kenshou, and I will be playing Mifanda's teammate.
I love the atmosphere of this anime!
This anime depicts common events in soccer in a surreal way and sometimes adds a dark joke, with a relaxing atmosphere.
This is a short anime, so it is very easy to watch! Everyone, please watch this anime!

Ichikawa Taichi, playing No. 18
I will be playing No. 18 for “Singing Soccer Panda Mifanda”!
I am not sure if I can deliver the true appeal of soccer, but this anime is enjoyable in a way it contains surreal scenes!
I think people of various interests can enjoy this anime, so please watch it!