It was decided that near-future erotic suspense “World's End Harem” that is serialized in Shueisha “Shonen Jump+” magazine will be turned into a TV anime series in 2021. Also, a special message from the original creator LINK and Shono Kotaro arrived to commemorate the anime announcement.

“World's End Harem” is an erotic suspense series that has been serialized in Shueisha “Shonen Jump+” and has over 5 million copies published in total.

The story starts in Tokyo Japan in the near future of 2045.
A young man, Reito, who is suffering from an intractable disease, promises to see his childhood friend Elisa again and decides to “cold sleep” to cure the disease. Five years later, Reita finds himself waking up in a world with 5 billion women and only a handful of men…

“World's End Harem” will become a TV anime series in 2021.
An interview with LINK and Shouno Kotaro is on the official website of “World's End Harem” and “Shonen Jump+”.

(C)LINK・Shouno Kotaro / Shueisha