It was revealed that the serialization of the manga “Kinnikuman” on the website “Weekly Play NEWS” will be delayed from the original date of May 18. From May 25 onward, instead of the update of the new work, the few beginning chapters of “The 20th Choujin Olympic Arc” and each series of “Kinnikuman” will be updated for free.

It was announced on the official website of the original unit Yudetamago (consists of Shimada Takashi and Nakai Yoshinori) and on the news website “Weekly Play NEWS”, where the new series is being published.

After approximately 1 month hiatus from the previous announcement on Apr. 13, the decision to delay it was made after the discussion between Yudetamago and the editorial department of “Weekly Play NEWS” with the explanation, “Due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus and the failure to put an end to the current situation along with the emergency announcement from the government, we had decided to place the health of the staff and family as our top priority as we are unable to avoid the '3 Mitsu (closed spaces, crowds, and close contact)' risk that occur in the workplace.”

The delay period with depends on the “current situation” followed by “Once the situation had improved, we promised to start the serialization as soon as possible. We would like to apologize to all the reader that had always supported 'Kinnikuman'. We hope to get your understanding on this matter.”

Moreover, instead of the update on the new work, “Weekly Play NEWS” will be uploading the few beginning chapters of each “Kinnikuman” series from May 25. It will start with The 20th Choujin Olympic Arc”, and the update is at midnight every Monday.