From the “Kinnikuman” series, the “Kinnikuman 1/60 Scale Pure Gold Figure” has been released in 29 limited units. The product is now available for pre-orders from July 29 at the “SHOP! Nippon Broadcast Project” site.

“Kinnikuman” is created by the mangaka duo Yudetamago, and it is their debut manga as well as their most notorious work, serializing a total of 387 chapters from 1979 to 1987 on the “Weekly Shone Jump” magazine. The manga was published again on the “Weekly Playboy News” in 2011, selling over 77 million copies and becoming a huge hit.
The protagonist Kinniku Suguru, also known as Kinnikuman, is a “Chojin”, a superhuman whose physical capabilities surpasses that of a normal human. The story depicts the growth and maturing of the “foolish Chojin” as he learns about beauty of friendship and faces countless battles with strong foes throughout his journey.

The product “Kinnikuman 1/60 Scale Pure Gold Figure” is firmly constructed and embodies a sense of extravagance, with approximately 30mm of height, and 13g of weight.
The figure will be manufactured inside Japan in only 29 units. Each exclusive unit can be identified with a serial number carved under the foot of the statue.

The display box has the shape of a fighting ring, and is signed by Yudetamago’s Shimada. This is a must-see masterpiece.

Owning a figure with merely 29 copies around the world is a joyful prize one can have for themselves or gift others.
“Kinnikuman 1/60 Scale Pure Gold Figure” is priced at 412,900JPY (tax included/free shipping) with pre-orders available from July 29 at “SHOP! Nippon Broadcast Project”.

(C) Yudetamago / Shueisha