“Gakken’s Pictorial Guide of Kinnikuman ‘Techniques’”, a full-fledged pictorial guide that completely covers about 1,400 “Techniques” of the superheroes appearing in “Kinnikuman,” will be released on September 15, 2022. The visuals of the standard edition case, which reproduces the famous scene of Warsman’s Palo Special on Buffaloman, and the first limited edition case, which was drawn by the original author Yudetamago, have now been revealed.

“Gakken’s Pictorial Guide of Kinnikuman ‘Techniques’” is a sequel to “Gakken’s Pictorial Guide of ‘Choujin’”, which is a comprehensive examination of the 700 different “superheroes” that appear in “Kinnikuman” from the perspective of a pictorial guide.

The book is a dream-come-true combination of two elements that no one could have imagined: “techniques” and “pictorial guide.” For the technique that adorns the case of the book, Yudetamago was asked to “draw the techniques that you think are most appropriate for this book.” The visual for the limited first edition case is a picture of Yudetamago’s best work, symbolizing the concept of this pictorial guide.

In addition, we have also received unpublished pages from “Gakken’s Pictorial Guide of Kinnikuman ‘Techniques’”. This 440-page book contains approximately 1,600 illustrations that convey the tremendous battles of the superheroes and their intense breathing. The volume of this book is 1.6 times larger than the previous “Gakken’s Pictorial Guide of ‘Choujin’”, which is a shockingly substantial book.

In the book, all of the 6,600 “techniques” that the superheroes in “Kinnikuman” used in the series are compiled and categorized, and the 16 main superheroes are analyzed. The study based on realistic data that can only be seen in this book is sure to bring out new aspects of popular superheroes.

“Gakken’s Pictorial Guide of Kinnikuman ‘Techniques’” will be priced at 3,850 JPY, including tax, and is scheduled for release on September 15, 2022. The initial limited case edition will run out quickly, so be sure to reserve your copy as soon as possible.