In “Seiyu to Yoasobi” distributed on “ABEMA” on May 13, 2020, Komatsu Mikako, who is the host on Wednesday, appeared live for the first time after her marriage announcement. Being shy, she said to the viewers, “I apologize for being personal, but… I got married!” Uesaka Sumire, who is also the host, congratulated too and gave her a MOET champagne as a gift before it started distributing. Komatsu happily said, “I'm gonna hold this and go home tonight!”

The theme of “Seiyu to Yoasobi Wed [Komatsu Mikako x Uesaka Sumire]” is “destruction”, but Uesaka said, “Today is not Wednesday of Destruction. It's Wednesday of Celebration!” with full of blessings. “I feel that the happy news of those who have taken care of me for a long time made me so happy as well.”

Uesaka, who “has not participated in the wedding yet”, confessed her unique view of wedding, saying, “My impression of wedding is there is gagaku ringing or there are village people celebrating together..”
Since people always ask Komatsu to sing at relatives' weddings, she guessed, “Such a thing could occur to you, Sumipe!” But, Uesaka said with a bitter laugh, “There is no song (of mine) that suits for weddings,” and joked, “I'm looking forward to working as a 'wedding destruction contractor' that breaks the common sense of wedding.”

For your information, Komatsu has included Uesaka in multiple LINE groups, and after reporting her marriage to all the groups, she also contacted Uesaka personally. Komatsu apologized, “I'm sorry I texted you so many times!” But Uesaka said with a smug look on her face, “Sounds good (to get reported many times) ?” and answered with a smile, “I am grateful for being given happiness again and again.”

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