On May 12, 2020, the voice actors Maeno Tomoaki and Komatsu Mikako announced their marriage. Both of them have released their comments from the offices they belong, which are Arts Vision and Hirata Office.

Maeno commented, “To whom always supports me, this is my personal business but I got married to Komatsu Mikako”, together with the explanation of his partner by saying, “I respect her both as an individual and an actor”.
He continued, “Up to this point, I have been supported by many people. Luckily, I got opportunities to interact with many wonderful works and characters. I always grateful to everyone who always supports me, and also the anime and character, I will do my best to work hard on each task and opportunity given to me”.

Komatsu also explained about her partner, Maeno, by saying, “I respect everything of him, from how he works toward his work, cares for others around him, respects his characters, to how he behaves at work.”, and continued, “We respect each other, face each other seriously, and we can stay as we usually be. We want to have a family like that”.
She summarized by saying, “We still have a lot to work on, but we cherish all the opportunities we had, give thanks and love to all works to the fullest, and work hard to provide enjoyable contents to you. Please continually support us if you don't mind”.