The anime adaption of “The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter”, a fantasy title released from Kodansha K Lanove Books, has been announced. Together, a teaser visual has been released, and comments from the author, Seto Meguru, and others have arrived.

This anime is based on the fantasy novel by Seto Meguru, which was initially released online, and now published by Kodansha Lanove Boks.
A legendary place where many rare beasts and items are hidden… a hidden dungeon. Nor, the third son of a poor aristocrat who had lost his job, is fortunate enough to open the gates of the hidden dungeon. He gains the skill that allows him to create, grant, and edit skills.

To use his skill, he must gain points by “eating delicious meals” or “having sexual intercourse with attractive women”…

Upon the announcement of the animation, a teaser visual has been released. It depicts Olivia Servant, a first-class adventurer, in chains facing the protagonist, Nor, on the second floor of the dungeon.
The director is Oonishi Kenta, and Okuruto Noboru will be handling the animation.

Also, in commemoration of the anime, comments from Seto Meguru, the author, and Takehana Note, the illustrator, have been received. Takehana Note also sent us an illustration.

The broadcast date and the cast of the TV anime “The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter” is yet to be decided. Let's wait for further information.

<Full comments are as below>
【Author: Seto Meguru】
I'm amazed, delighted, and excited, that my small fantasy, which only existed in my head just a few years ago, is, with the help of many people, becoming an anime.
I owe this to the support of all the readers and people who were involved in the production.
The hidden dungeon is funny, exciting, cheerful, and a little naughty. Well, maybe not a little, haha. It's hard to determine.
I hope you will check out the anime. I'm already looking forward to seeing the characters in motion!!