It has been decided that “Cells at Work BLACK”, the manga currently serialized in “Morning” (Kodansha), will become TV anime. Also, the 1st promotion video, key visual, main staff, and the casts, including Enoki Junya, Hikasa Youko, Tsudakenjirou, are revealed.

“Cells at Work BLACK” is a side story of the popular mange “Cells at Work” from “Monthly Shonen Sirius”. It depicts cells in a body in a BLACK condition where it has been damaged from unhealthy behaviors of “drinking”, “smoking”, and “lack of sleep” and stress.

In the key visual and promotion video, there were red cells who escape from viruses, while white cells were fighting back to them in a severe working condition.

In addition to the anime adaption announcement, the main staff and casts have been released. The director is Yamamoto Hideyo (known for directing “Strike the Blood”), and Liden Film will be in charge of animation production. The main casts are Enoki Junya, playing the Red Cell, Hikasa Youko, who plays the White Cell, and Tsuda Kenjiro will narrate the story. The comments have arrived.

“Cells at Work BLACK” will be broadcast as the TV anime from Jan. 2021.

<Full Comments are Listed Below>
【Enoki Junya, playing the Red Cell】
I was always in a hospital when I was young because I was vulnerable to disease, therefore, I was like a king of the children are in a hospital.
I want to work hard together with my body in this BLACK condition since my birth.
Please watch Cells at Work BLACK.

【Hikasa Youko, playing White Cells】
I have never been to a comprehensive health check, and my health condition is kept by multiple supplements.
I'm being fine because I always train my body!
I will do my best to make this anime BLACK by severing using my body, so please look forward to it!

【Tsuda Kenjirou, the narrator】
I live in unhealty style to meet this anime! I'm sure that's right! I in BLACK condition will turn into WHITE condition by participating in the work! Ah, this is the fatal encounter! Uh…well…I will do my best in the narration!
It is the fate for those of you in BLACK body condition!

(C) Harada Shigemitsu・ Hatsuyoshiya Issei・Shimizu Akane/Kodansha (C) Harada Shigemitsu・Hatsukaya Issei・Shimizu Akane/Kodansha・CODE BLACK PROJECT