It was decided that the light novel “How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom”, which is published from “Overlap Bunko”, will become a TV anime series. To commemorate this, comments from the author Dojyomaru and the illustrator of the original manga Fuyuyuki were released.

“How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom” depictshow Soma, the hero who was summoned to another world, gets appointed to the king of the another world after proposing reforms in the internal affairs using his modern knowledge. It is an “innovative fantasy about internal politics in another world”, in which characters are struggling to rebuild the nation.

The attractions of the original novel are the scenes of Soma quickly solving many difficult issues with his fresh ideas and heartwarming interactions with who he meets, and the series have exceeded over 800,000 copies. The manga version which is currently serialized in “Comic Garde” is popular as well.

Together with the TV anime adaption annoucement,, the PV to commemorate this has been released on a special website.
Also on Apr. 25, the latest 12th volume of the original novel will be released from “Overlap Bunko”, and the latest 5th volume of the comicalized manga will be released from “Comic Garde”. These definitely should be checked out.

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【Novel author: Dojyomaru】
I wasn't expecting of it becoming the TV anime! One day, when I had a conversation about media mix, I was summoned to the Overlap Bunko headquarters. I remember spacing out when the boss of the manager told me, “It was decided to create an animation (95%)”.
At that time, I was wondering if it ever would be turned into a CD drama…
This is also thanks to the artist Fuyuyuki, Ueda Satoshi, who is in charge of the manga version, the people involved in the overseas translation, and, above all, the readers who support this novel.
I will do my best to meet your expectations, so I look forward to your continued support.

(C)Dojyomaru/ Overlap Illustration: Fuyuyuki,