From the live-action film “Yowamushi Pedal” (set to be premiered on 14 Aug. 2020) comes the announcement of the cast for the popular “Team Sohoku”, consisting of quirky personalities. Cast members include Bando Ryota, Ryusei Ryo, Yanagi Shuntaro, Sugawara Ken, Inoue Mizuki (HiHi Jets) and Minagawa Sarutoki.

In addition to the announcement of Nagase Ren (King & Prince) playing Onoda Sakamichi, Ito Kentarou as Imaizumi Shunsuke and Hashimoto Kanna as Kanzaki Miki; A total of six names: Bando Ryota, Ryusei Ryo, Yanagi Shuntaro, Sugawara Ken, Inoue Mizuki (HiHi Jets) and Minagawa Sarutoki have been added.

Bando will be playing as Naruko Shoukichi, who is also known as “Naniwa's Speed Man” and is from the Kansai region. Ryusei will play Kinjou Shingo, a conspicuous highschool student with shades. Yanagi will play Makishima Yusuke, a long, iridescent-haired cyclist known for his dancing specialty (standing on pedals). Sugawara will play Tadokoro Jin, also known as the “Human Bullet Train” and is known for using his muscle strength and is good at sprinting. Inoue will play the Sugimoto Terufumi, a spare that supports Sakamichi as well as Team Sohoku. Lastly, Minagawa will be cast as Kanzaki Kouji, an original character in the film, that is Kanzaki Miki's father.

For Bando, Ryusei, Yanagi and Sugawara, it was their first time performing together with Nagase but they were able to bond over cycling practices, meals after long location shoots, etc which made it almost similar to real club activities.

Nagase commented on the casting: “Everyone was friendly and we were able to get through the filming. We managed to pull through the cold, rigorous filming and came out of it as a team! My only regret is that I was unable to make it for Team Sohoku's last day of filming but I'm looking forward to us being able to gather again!”

In addition, it was also Inoue's first time performing in a movie with Nagase. He first appeared nervous meeting the rest of the cast but slowly got on well with them and was reported to look sad during the last day of filming.
Minagawa was unexpectedly cast as the role of Hashimoto's father
and filmed many parent-child scenes during the spare time. The staff were excited and claimed that the “Sizes of their eyes resemble each other's!”.

The film “Yowamushi Pedal” is scheduled to be premiered nationwide from 14 Aug. 2020.

Here are the comments from the cast:
【Bando Ryota/Naruko Shoukichi】
I was beyond shocked to hear that I will be performing in Yowamushi Pedal and couldn't believe it… I was ecstatic.
The filming was centered around us actually cycling on bikes and it has been really different from anything I have done so far.

There were many challenges and loads to think about each day. However, I really got into road bikes during the filming and even after the wrap, I'm still raring to ride them.

I am so grateful to be able to play the fiery and honest Naruko Shoukichi and thanks to everyone, we were able to recreate a youthful and wonderful cast. I hope everyone will enjoy the sight of us dashing around on the big movie screen!

【Ryusei Ryo/Kinjou Shingo】
I will be performing as the flashy sunglasses-clad club manager, Kinjou Shingo, who doesn't look like a high school student.

Team Sohoku braved the cold lightly dressed and we cycled like our lives depended on it. I wasn't able to tell when I transformed from being a first-timer road racer to a real professional racer who was unwilling to give up. I hope everyone will enjoy seeing a role that has been different from my other roles so far.

【Yanagi Shuntaro/Makishima Yusuke】
As a fan of the original work myself, it was a lot of trial and error to embody a character such as Makishima Yusuke, who was as striking and impressionable in terms of appearance and speech.

His relationship to the main character, Onoda Sakamichi, is terribly vital and I hope that I was able to show his mysterious, hidden but warm sides to everyone.

【Sugawara Ken/Tadokoro Jin】
As a fan of “Yowamushi Pedal”, I was shocked and couldn't believe that I was able to play Tadokoro Jin. Just following the pictures and the lines in the original work really took my breath away. I am happy to be able to deliver the same amount of passion from the screen to everyone.

The super-intense cycling power that the Rampaging Human Cannonball is capable of is strong in this film! I hope everyone will enjoy it!

【Inoue Mizuki(HiHi Jets/Johnny's Jr.)/Sugimoto Terufumi】
I am Inoue Mizuki from HiHi Jets and I play the role of Sugimoto Terufumi.
I have been following Yowamushi Pedal's original work previously and when I heard the news of the casting, I was full of surprise and shock.

Filming on a Road Racer has been quite difficult and it was challenging at times but communicating with the rest of the cast was fun and it was really like a club activity! I hope everyone is able to feel the speed of the Road Races and the youthfulness of everyone at Sohoku Academy!

【Minagawa Sarutoki/Kanzaki Kouji*Film's Original Character】
Uh, I'm Minasawa Sarutoki and I'm 49 years old. I like teen movies. This time, I tried playing an old man that won't outshine the youngsters. I apologize if I'm too dazzling or come across as greasy.

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