Celebrating the meat day (29th) during the spring vacation, live-action movie “Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro” (release date: Jun. 19, 2020) released the special video where the cast members, including Kitamura Takumi who plays the protagonist Agetarou, “Chill out”.

The original manga of “Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro” is the comedy that had been serialized on “Weekly Shonen Jump+” from Sept. 2014 until Mar. 2017 and gained wide popularity among the fans online.
The story is about Agetarou, who is the 3rd generation of the traditional Tonkatsu shop in Shibuya. He is striving to become a man who can make both “Yakiniku” and “the dance floor” hot, to make Sonoko, a girl whom he has fallen in love with a blink of an eye, fall in love with him.

The term “chill out” means “to relax”, and the special video released this time recorded the casts “chilling out” during the break time of the filming.
Kitamura Takumi, who plays Agetarou, is quietly taking a nap with a neck pillow on his neck, and Kitamoto Maika, who plays the heroine Sonoko, was relaxing with her eyes closed.

Also, Itou Kentarou, who plays the rival of Agetarou called DJ Yashiki Kurouto, was chatting with staff while in a relax mode, and Iseya Yuusuke, who plays the teacher of Agetarou called DJ Oily, was taking a rest with his hands on the back of his head.
Finally, the “ultimate chill out scene” is where Kitamura had been drinking the tea together with Katou Ryou, Asaka Kouta, Kurihara Rui, Maehara Kou, who play the friends of Agetarou called “3rd. Gen Brothers.

Furthermore, to celebrate the release of the movie and “meat day” (29th), on “Jump Channel” on YouTube, the streaming of episode 1 of the anime “Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro” has started for free.
The episode 1 depicts Agetarou meeting the girl of destiny and determines to become “Tonkatsu DJ”, and the episode itself depicts faithfully recreates the scene in the manga when he realizes the common characteristic between “tonkatsu” and “DJ”.

The live-action movie “Tonkatsu DJ Agetaro” will be released on Jun. 19 2020 in theaters nationwide.