On Apr. 13, 2020, it has been decided that the airing of the spring anime “Idolish 7 Second BEAT!” will be delayed. After this announcement, casts of the anime commented through Twitter. This includes Ono Kenshou who played as Nanase Riku from the group “IDOLiSH7”, Tachibana Shinosuke who played as Yuki from the group “Re:vale”, and Satou Satomi who played as Takanashi Tsumugi.

“Idolish 7 Second BEAT!” is originally a rhythm game made for smartphones.
The first season of the TV series and spin-off anime was aired in 2018, while the long-expected second season will start from Apr. 2020.
However, the day after the airing of episode 3, the production committee announced saying, “Although we had prepared enough time to continue the production of the anime, due to the declaration of emergency by the government against Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection within and outside the nation, we had to change the original schedule of the production, leading to delay of the airing.”

Taking this announcement, Ono has commented through Twitter saying, “It is truly unfortunate… But!! As long as we are together, we will overcome this! Let's meet again with a smile!” Tachibana also wrote a message towards the fan saying, “To all managers from various countries and parts of the world! I am really sorry about the new series that just began, that everyone was looking forward to every week. I am also disappointed with this… Although it is extended for a bit, casts, staff, and title will come back in a fine condition!! Please wait for it!”

Moreover, Satou also wrote, “I am always filled with gratefulness and respect for all staff who tries their best to deliver the best work. If there is a future full of joy waiting for us, for the coming days, we should be prepared both in mind and body to take it in at the best condition.”

The restart date for the airing of “Idolish 7 Second BEAT!” is currently undecided and is discussed thoroughly. As soon as the new schedules are decided, it will be announced on the official website.

(C) BNOI/ AINANA Production Committee