The voice actress Yuuki Aoi, who voiced various popular anime characters from “Your Name”, “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”, and other, has revealed her “Chunibyou Phrases”. Even a book in which you can study English with those phrases is being released.

Yuuki Aoi’s “Chunibyou Phrases” can be heard in the audio on the example of the Japanese narration in the book “I don’t believe that the 3 years of Englishstudies in junior high school can be learned in a week with chunibyou phrases”.
The serialization in the NHK text book “Basic English” was brought together and released as a book. There is a free downloadable Japanese audio where Yuuki Aoi will read the the “Chunibyou examples” and illustrations in the book. This is a rare opportunity to hear Yuuki Aoi speak in a “Chunibyou” manner.

For example, regarding the burnt pancake,
A: This pancake is burnt.
is changed to,
B: Even a dark flame master sometimes fails.
These lines in chuunibyou style, performed by Yuuki Aoi will make you smile unexpectedly.

Other phrases are, when you fail the exam “It seem that this world hasn’t chosen me.”, when talking about a popular band “I knew they were going to become popular since their debut.” They are all filled with the mind of a “Chunibyou” that can be enjoyed with the narration by Yuuki Aoi.

Moreover, there are explanations for the important points of the examples, so this English reference book has “proper learning” content.

“I don’t believe that the 3 years of English studies in junior high school can be learned in a week with the chunibyou phrase” is in stores on Feb. 28, 2020 and the price is 1,200 JPY (tax excluded).