“Bonobono” and “Gachapin/Mukku” themed cafe will open on Mar. 17, 2020 for a limited period of time. The menu and exclusive goods have been announced beforehand.

The themed cafe “Bonobono x Gachapin/Mukku Colab Cafe” will display cute ornaments and have available a variety of beverages and meals in the lovely designed menus.
The menu includes a scallop cream bread stew with Bonobono's design inside the dish's lid, a Mukku themed napolitan pasta, a Gachapin's mild melon flavored colorful drink, among others.

The cafe will also sell exclusive goods such as button pins and acrylic keyholders.

Also, the customers will receive one coaster per order made in the cafe.

“Bonobono x Gachapin/Mukku Collaboration Cafe” will open at Princess Cafe Yurakuchou Marui department store and Ikebukuro on Mar. 17, 2020 for a limited time.

(C)Igarashi Mikio/ Takeshobo-Fuji TV-Eiken (C)Gachamuku