The collaboration project “Coco’s Dou*Ouenshimasu!! Campaign” will be held on from Mar.18, 2020. This is the special collaboration between a family restaurant chain “Coco’s” and “Girls und Panzer: The Final Chapter”. Characters from “Girls und Panzer” which is set in Ibaraki prefecture will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Coco’s which has its origin in also Ibaraki prefecture, by wearing cheerleader costumes.

During the campaign, original clear folder will be given randomly from 15 types as a gift for customer who ordered target menu. The clear folder is A4 size with design of characters wearing cheerleading uniforms. The design changes according to a time period (Part1, Part2, and Part3), and a secret design is also prepared for each part.

Special menu lunes up a variety of meals such as, Tank Jambalaya, Panzuer Cake Dry Ⅲ (Dry), and more in limited numbers along with a random selection of original pick which is also limited.

Furthermore, QR code will be printed on your receipt and you could join the lottery from the code when you order the target menu. Also, you can get one point for each menu ordered.
For each point, you can participate in the lottery of the original figure “Nishizumi Miho (Coco’s limited edition)” of the “Figure Michi” series, and if you collect a total of 22 points you will receive a Coco’s original cushion.
Furthermore, depending on a total number of applications, funs will hear all 21 original voices y Nishizumi Miho (CV. Fuchigami Mai), Marie (CV. Hara Yumi), and Nishi Kinuyo (CV. Setou Asami).

In addition, an in-store broadcast event by Nishizumi Miho (CV. Fuchigami Mai), Marie (CV. Hara Yumi), and Nishi Kinuyo (CV. Setou Asami) will be held at the target restaurant. Coco’s original collaboration goods such as tin badges and acrylic stand panels will be on sale, and life-size panels of the characters will be installed at the shop entrance.
Furthermore, the Oarai’s restaurant will be decorated with designs of the “Girls und Panzer: The Final Chapter” collaboration campaign.

“Coco’s Dou*Ouenshimasu!! Campaign” is scheduled to be held at all Coco’s restaurants except the one in Yamaguchi Ube Airport from Mar. 18, 2020. Orders for the original goods are being accepted at the online shopping site “Zensho Net Store”. For more information, visit the campaign’s special website.

“Girls und Panzer: The Final Chapter”
(C) GIRLS und PANZER Finale Projekt