Girls tank simulation smartphone game called “Girls und Panzer Operation Sensha-do”, based on the anime “Girls und Panzer”, revealed “swimsuit costumes” for 2021.

“Girls und Panzer Operation Sensha-do” is the realistic simulation game, in which the user can form the dream team made of the favorite characters and attend flag battles and elimination battle.

Although this game is unique to have more than 70 characters, but it is also unique in the way that this game held “Swimsuit Student Gacha” from June 28, 2021.
“★5 Orange Pekoe [Swimsuit 2021]”, ★5 Nishizumi Maho [Swimsuit 2021]”, “★5 Itsumi Erika [Swimsuit 2021]”, “★5 Nishizumi Shiho [Swimsuit 2021]”, “★4 Akaboshi Koume [Swimsuit 2021]”, and “★4 Rukuriri [Swimsuit 2021]” will be lined up.

Also in “Large Training Event” (scheduled on July 1), new student “★5 Darjeeling [Swimsuit 2021]” will be added. Also on the daily event, “★4 Nishizumi Shiho [Pajama]”, “★4 Nakasuka Emi [Pajama]”, and “★4 Takami Yuu [Pajama]” will appear.

“Girls und Panzer Operation Sensha-do” is currently available for iOS/Android.

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