From “Girls und Panzer”, goods with the newly drawn illustrations, inspired by “Boco Musemum”, will be released. Pre-orders are currently available on the Oarai town’s web portal, “ARISE GIFT”.

The 2nd lineup of goods, featuring the newly drawn illustrations of the protagonist Nishizumi Miho and Shimada Alice, has been announced this time.
Under the theme of ‘the goods that are likely to be sold at the “Boco Museum”‘s attraction “Bocoted Mansion”‘, the latest lineup consists of 4 items, “Towel Scarf”, “Mug”, “Key-shaped Acrylic Key Chain”, and “B2 Tapestry”.

These items are available for pre-orders on “ARISE GIFT” until August 11, 2021. For detailed information, including a price, please visit each product webpage.
If you spend more than 10,000 JPY (incl. tax) per purchase, you will receive the Oarai Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Carefully Made Original Tin Badge featuring Boco.

(C)GIRLS und PANZER Finale Projekt