Celebrating the release of the 24th movie of “Detective Conan” movie “The Scarlet Bullet” (Nationwide release date: Apr. 17, 2020) , 4 movies from “Detective Conan” movie series will have exclusive advanced screening on Hulu from Mar. 20.

The 4 movie series that which will be released on Hulu include: 13th movie “The Raven Chaser”, 18th movie “The Sniper from Another Dimension”, 21st movie “The Crimson Love Letter” and 22nd movie “Zero the Enforcer”. Several other movie series are scheduled to be released on the website from Apr. 1.

Furthermore, there will be a collection of Akai family related episodes at Hulu, which will be important to check out before going to the movie, from Mar. 6, 2020.
As spring vacation has arrived, so let’s check out the wonderful movies up until now first before going to the latest movie.

The movie “Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet” will be released nationwide from Apr. 17, 2020 at Toho affiliated theaters.

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