Feb. 19 is Irino Miyu's birthday.

Irino Miyu has been active as a child actor since the 1990's, and he played the protagonist in “Spirited Away” in 2001. He has been active in the forefront since then, and he played several characters in 2019, including “Mr. Osomatsu the Movie”, “Carole & Tuesday”, and “Midnight Occult Civil Servant”.
He released his calendar last Oct. called “Irino Miyu's London Trip Calendar 2020”. His live tour begins from May 2020.

Here at Anime! Anime!, to commemorate Irino Miyu's birthday, we conducted a survey asking, “who is your favorite character which he played?” as in the last year. The survey was conducted from Feb. 4 to Feb. 11, receiving a total of 194 answers.
Females made up the majority of the vote by approximately 75%, while males made up approximately 25%. The young readers made up the majority of the vote, with approximately 50% of those under 19, and 35% of those in their 20s.

■Sugawara Koushi from “Haikyu!!” ranked in the 1st place 2 years in a row!
The 1st place was Sugawara Koushi from “Haikyu!!”. The support rating was approximately 20%, and he continuously ranked in the 1st place.

He was popular for supporting the team as the vice-captain, and several comments mentioned that by saying, “He is like a mother in Karasuno. I love how he works hard although his position was taken by Kageyama, he continues to play volleyball, and he has been friendly to others all the time. I glad Irino-san played him!” and “He watches over the unique underclassmen, while making the right advice to them”.

Matsuno Todomatsu from “Mr. Osomatsu” ranked in 2nd place. The support rating was approximately 16%.

Some comments were added as many fans were impressed by his cuteness as being the youngest child, “I think Miyu created and played him with such a deep understanding of Todomatsu's character. I like how the character sarcastically and cheerfully makes jokes! Cute acting of him also catches my heart” and “He is cleverly cute, and I love him as a teaser”.

Haku from “Spirited Away” ranked in the 3rd place. The support rating was approximately 14%.
“Spirited Away” is the nationally popular movie that has the highest box-office revenue.
Haku was valued for the strength of his support to the protagonist and courageousness, and several comments mentioned that by saying, “I was surprised to hear that he played the same boy as Haku”, “I am sure that many people fell in love with Haku. I love him since then”, and “I think the reason why Haku ranks in the higher ranks in the Ghibli handsome character ranking is because of Irino-san's cool voice!”.

■Introducing other comments!
Syaoran Li from “Tsubasa Chronicle”: “I was moved by seeing Irino-san, who was a high school student, grew together with Syaoran as the story progresses. I was impressed by the scene when he played 2 characters at the same time!”.
Nattsu from “Yes! Pretty Cure 5”: “I thought a voice actress was playing the character because the voice was totally different when Nattsu is in the spirit and the human form”.

Kashiwazaki Akane from “Run with the Wind”: “I was glad that Irino played the prince because he carefully recreated the setting of the prince, who is not good at sports, by a weak voice,
exhaustion, and short breath.”
Sora from “Kingdom Hearts”: “Irino-san has been playing the character when he was young, and I believe the character grew together with him. ”

■Ranking Top 20
1st: Sugawara Koushi from “Haikyu!!”
2nd: Matsuno Todomatsu from “Mr. Osomatsu
3rd: Haku from “Spirited Away”
4th: Sora from “Kingdom Hearts”
5th: Syaoran Li from “Tsubasa Chronicle”
6th: Hyakuya Yuuichirou from “Seraph of the End”
6th: Yadomi Jinta (Jintan) from “Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day”
8th: Manatsu Daichi from “Captain Earth”
9th: Nattsu from “Yes! Pretty Cure 5”
10th: Apollon Agana Belea from “Kamigami no Asobi”
10th: Kashiwazaki Akane (Prince) from “Run with the Wind”
12th: Kobayakawa Sena fro “Eye Shield 21”
12th: Kitamura Hikaru from “Cross Game”
12th: Jan Nine from “Ultraman Zero Side Story: Killer the Beat Star”
15th: Astral from “Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL”
15th: Aerial from “Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms”
15th: Kageyama Ritsu from “Mob Dice 100”
15th: Saji Crossroad from “Mobile Suit Gundam 00”
15th: Tachibana Chizuru from “Kimi to Boku”
15th: Haru from “Tsuritama”

(Survey conducted from Feb. 4, 2020 to Feb. 11)