On Nov. 26th, Fukuyama Jun celebrated his birthday.

Fukuyama Jun debuted in the 1990s. He won the Best Actor Award as his 1st Voice Actor Award. In 2019 his appearances in theater titles such as “Code Geass Lelouch of the Resurrection” and “Eiga no Osomatsu-san” will stand out, and “HUMAN LOST No Longer Human” will be released on Nov. 29th.

On Jan. 8th, 2020 the album “P.o.P -PERS of Persons-” will also be released . He is also working as an artist on Apr. 18th, holding a one-man live at Nakano Sun Plaza.

Continuing on from last year, in order to celebrate Fukuyama Jun’s birthday, Anime! Anime! conducted a survey on “Who is your favorite character played by Fukuyama Jun?”. The survey was conducted from Nov. 12th to Nov. 19th, and 352 people responded.

The ratio of males-females was about 20% for men and about 80% for women, with more women participating than men. The breakdown of ages of respondents was about 40 percent under the age of 19, and about 40 percent of respondents in their 20s.

■ Two characters with new movies just released came in 1st and 2nd!
The first place was Lelouch Lamperouge of “Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion”. The approval rating was about 15%, and it continues being on top for the second year.

“The moment Lelouch spoke about Geass in this year’s movie, the emotions I had when I saw it in real-time 10 years ago,came flowing back and I couldn’t stop crying,” in the latest work “Code Geass Lelouch of Resurrection” after his successful revival, many people said that it was impressive.
“The Lelouch in the TV series who was in doubt while plowing forward and the Lelouch in the new movie who after doing everything felled the evil spirit. Hats off to great performances that were able to perform the changes and transition brilliantly.”, “In“ Resurrection”, not only were we able to see hear the dark heroic voice that we have heard up until now, but also a voice that has shows the gentleness and weakness of Lelouch.” Comments such as these touched on the small differences in the play were also noticeable.

In second place is Matsuno Osomatsu of “Osomatsu-san”. The approval rating was about 9%, which was the same as last year.
Osomatsu is basically a satirist, “but you can also enjoy a wide range of mood swings, ranging from impatient to a performance that bursts out of control.” and “I was convinced that Osomatsu-san” is “interesting!” by Fukuyama-san’s ability to act freely as Espernyanko” are just some of the comment, showing he is a character that can enjoy a variety of plays.
As for the movie “Eiga no Osomatsu-san” released this year, “A bright 18-year-old Osomatsu, seems to have been inspired by Fukuyama-san himself. There were many comments such as “I was able to enjoy different performance changes than those on TV”, there were many opinions that being able to see a different side to the character was wonderful.”

The third place was Koro sense- from “Assassination Classroom”. The approval rate was about 8 percent.

“I think Fukuyama-san’s distinctive voice has made the visual and character characteristics of Koro sense- more unique. I also felt the breadth of Fukuyama-san’s role,” a mysterious super creature. The fact that he was able to play the mysterious creature was popular.
“The unique laughter and tone of the gag scenes were full of vitality. However, in the serious scenes, it was the complete opposite with no laughter and played with a serious voice, it made me cry,” “Including Fukuyama Jun’s performance “Koro sensei- is an ideal teacher,” the serious expression that sometimes shows up also tightens up the story.

■ Introducing other comments!
For Panda-kun of “Shirokuma Cafe”, comments like “Innocent panda-kun, sharp-tongued panda-kun, crying panda-kun … A character that I thought was amazing as you can see many different aspects.”
For King from the “Seven Deadly Sins”, “You can hear two kinds of voices, the boy king and the handsome king” and “Even though he looks young, they act very mature”.

About Count Albert de Morseer from “The Count of Monte Cristo” it was said, “This the work led me to become a fan of Fukuyama Jun. I will never forget it. ”
About Yamagishi Tomoaki in “The maidens in the stormy season. ”, “ The performance of the multi-faceted adult man, perfect for Fukuyama-san, was exquisite, ”and“ He was skillfully expressing the atmosphere of a real male teacher who seems to be very strange. ” There was also a vote for a completely different teacher role than that of Koro sense-.

In this survey, various roles such as female speaking characters and non-human characters were also ranked. In the readers’ comments, there were many about the “broad range of acting”, and the result was proved by a variety of characters chosen.

■ Top 20 Ranking
[Who is your favorite character played by Fukuyama Jun? ]
1st Lelouch Lamperouge “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion”
2nd Matsuno Oomatsu “Osomatsu-san”
3rd Koro sensei- “Assassination Classroom”
4th Panda-kun “Shirokuma Cafe”
5th King “The Seven Deadly Sins”
6th Ren Amemiya “PERSONA5 the Animation”
7th Watanuki Kimihiro “xxxHOLiC”
8th Grell Sutcliff “Black Butler”
9th Hanamiya Makoto “Kuroko’s Basketball”
10th Nura Rikuo “Nurarihyon no Mago”
11th Okumura Yukio “Blue Exorcist”
11th Yamagishi Tomoaki “The maidens of the wild season. ]
12th Viscount Albert de Morseer “The Count of Monte Cristo”
12th Final Lulakeis “Black Clover”
12th Fujita Goro “Meiji Tojo Koi”
12th Mariandale “Ixion Saga DT”
12th Miyako Shin “Occult civil servant at midnight”
18th Ultraman Mebius “” Theatrical version Ultraman Ginga S decisive battle! Ultra 10 hero !! ”
18th Kishitani Shinra “Durarara !!”
18th Takanashi Souta “WORKING !!”
18th Baron Nero “Retsuka Sentai Tokyuger”

(Survey period: Nov. 12th to Nov. 19th, 2019)