Okamoto Nobuhiko’s birthday is 24th October. Okamoto Nobuhiko began his career in 2000. He was pushed into spotlight by winning the Newcomer Male Voice Actor and Best Male Supporting Actor Award from the Voice Actor Awards. In 2019, he plays a main role of “If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord” and “A Certain Accelerator”.

He is also active as a singer. From January to March 2019, he did a live tour all over Japan in 6 live hall. And he have released his 5th single “Miracle of All Miracle” in July.

So, Anime! Anime! conducted a survey on “Who is the most loved character whom voiced by Okamoto Nobuhiko is?” to celebrate his birthday.

On the survey which conducted from 10th to 17th October, 810 people took part on the survey. The gender ratio between male and female is 8% male and 92% female as the majority. Their age range is focused on young participants between below 19 years old about 55% to 20’s about 30%.

Top rank is “Hiroaka” Katsuki Bakugo who has insane traits!

First place goes to Bakugo Katsuki from “My Hero Academia”. Vote on him is around 19%.
There are so many comments such as “His appearance as the one who mad and fought hardly to be the number one hero is so cool” and “The calm voiced Nobu-san(Nobuhiko) who act with husky, low voice and yelling character is amazing. His soulful performance are always makes me cry”. Furthermore, some people can’t forget his scream at epic fighting scene. They said, “Bakugo is always using rude words, but the kindness behind his words is the part which I like.” Also, the part where he treasured his friends is charming.

Second place “Haikyuu!!” Nishinoya Yuu. Vote on him is around 14%. There are so many comments like , “As the story continues on, I love his manly side where he cheered up his teammate with passionate words” and “The character gap between his little cute appearance and his manly side is irresistible.” Especially “I’ll protect your back!” line is very memorable, his presence as Protector God of Karasuno High School is greatly valued.

Third place is Akabane Karuma from “Assassination Classroom”. Vote result on him is 10%.
There are so many popular comments about him who could perform a strong bossy attitude such as, “Outstanding academic ability, good at sports, and all-rounder who can perform everything easily is cool.” and “He always has condescending attittude towards people but unexpectedly kind.” Also, there is a comment which said, “I think it’s thanks to Okamoto who can perform out a character who always work hard behind people.

Introduce Other Comments!!
In “A Certain” series of Accelerator, “there are these overpowering strength, evil charisma and his attitude to Last Order. If it is not played by Okamoto-san, it wouldn’t be him.”

Okumura Rin from “Blue Exorcist”: “Scene where Rin cried makes me feel want to cry too. Okamoto’s way to express emotion is very resounding in my heart and i love it so much”.

Usui Takumi from “My Maid-sama!” is a perfect hero. The gap when he exhausted and when he is being serious about protecting Misa is so good.”

Mikoshiba Mikoto from “Monthly Girl Magazine: Nozaki-kun” received a comment about “The flow from Mikorin said cheesy line to the point he embarrassed is so natural” and “the feel of his high school boy voice is perfectly matched.”

Overall ranking speaks about how confidence he is, overpower, and insane. The result is showing up to the 20th place. Please check this out, too.

“Among the character that played by Okamoto Nobuhiko, who is your most favorite?”
1st Bungo Katsuki “My Hero Academia
2nd Nishinoya Yuu “Haikyuu!!”
3rd Akabane Karuma “Assassination Classroom
4th Accelerator “A Certain Magic Index”
5th Okumura rin “Blue Exorcist”
6th Obi “Red-haired Snow White”
7th Izumi kyoka “Tokyo Meiji Renka”
8th Kisa Shota “First Love Monster”
9th Zack/Isaac Foster “Angel of Death”
10th Usui Takumi “My Maid-sama”
11th Mikoshiba Mikoto “Monthly Girls Magazine: Nozaki Kun”
12th Kominato Ryosuke “Ace of Diamond”
13th Tatsumi Rui “Starmyu”
14th Hizamaru “Token Ranbu Series”
15th Mizuki “Kamisama Hajimemashita”
16th Akira Kogami “Nil Admirari no Tenbin”
16th Shinjuku’s Assassin “Fate/Grand Order”
16th Yang “Piofiore no Bansho”
19th Asahina Hikaru “Brothers Conflict”
19th Ghiaccio “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind”
19th Niizuma Eiji “Bakuman”