The commercial series “HUNGRY DAYS One Piece” of Nissin Foods “Cup Noodles” in collaboration with “ONE PIECE” has started on air with the final CM titled “HUNGRY DAYS One Piece Choujou Kibasen Hen” (HUNGRY DAYS One Piece Paramount Horse Riding War Chapter) on Feb. 2020.
The story has been replaced by a horse-riding race on a sports day, and the “real face of high school student Luffy” which had not been shown previously is finally revealed.

“HUNGRY DAYS One Piece” is a collaborative anime CM series based on the theme of “One Piece” in a parallel universe, “What if the characters of One Piece lived as modern normal students in the same high school?”.
There have been three installments so far; the 1st installment of “Zoro” in May 2019, the 2nd installment of “Nami” in September, and the 3rd installment of “Bibi” in December. The astonishment derived from the youthful adaptation of “One Piece” an anime for teenagers, along with the famous scenes and little stories behind it, have become a hot topic.

In the final episode of the series, “Choujou Kibasen Hen”, the tone has changed completely from the previous works. The story of “Paramount War”, which is supported by many fans as being the historical famous scenario in the original anime, has been replaced by a “too hot” horse-riding race on a sports day, expressing a sense of power and realism in a one-cut shooting.

Highlights show popular characters of the series including; “Blackbeard”, who plans to scare the hell out of “Whitebeard” at the sports day, Whitebeard '', the strongest high school student who confronts him, and “Ace'' who supports the white team led by Whitebeard. It is also worth noting that Luffy, who has become a famous figure in the school now, finally reveals his real face as a “high school student”.

In addition, the voice cast includes the same actors of the original anime, including Otomo Ryuuzaburou who will be voicing Whitebeard instead of Arimoto Kinryuu, who passed away in 2019, and Tanaka Mayumi as Luffy. The voice of Kizaru has also been changed since the original voice Ishizuka Unshou passed away in 2018.
Finally, the song “Hungry Pride” by the heavy metal band Maximum the Hormone has been chosen for the music, in order to express the fierceness of the horse-riding race.

“HUNGRY DAYS One Piece Choujou Kibasen Hen” is on air nationwide from Feb. 7, 2020.

(C) Oda Eiichiro / Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation (C) 2019 EISAKU KUBONOUCHI / METEOR STREAMS