From September 13, 2013, Cup Noodle Commercial series “HUNGRY DAYS-「One Piece」” ,which depicts the characters of “One Piece” with youth animation-style(Aoharu style) put The latest version “Nami” on the air nationwide, following the first “Zoro Version ”, which recorded 21 million video views.

As in the last version, set in the parallel world where” If Straw Hat Clan” led by Luffy lived a highschool life”,
Highschool Girl Nami’s daily efforts and conflicts of mind to be a navigator are depicted.

“HUNGRY DAYS” series aired in June 2017, and ranked 1st in favorable CM (food category)
It is made up of 4 works,“Kiki’s Delivery Service”, “Alps Girl Heidi”, “Sazae-san” and “Last Round edition” .
The commerical series has become a hot topic, with more than 18 million video views.

The first “Zoro Version”, aired in May as a collaboration series with “One Piece”, was surprising because it depicts the familiar characters of “Straw Hat Clans” with youth animation style
and easter eggs were put into all over the series.
The series recorded 21 million video views (total of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube), the largest number in the history of Nissin Foods .

The cumulative total number of views including the “Trailer” has exceeded 25 million ,
and in the Commercial Favorability Survey conducted in June by Commercial Research Institute, it was ranked first among all Commercial works of all Japanese companies. Nissin Food Products ranked first
for the first time in 20 years. This was quite an achievement.

The latest work “HUNGRY DAYS One Piece Nami Version” is about Nami ,a high school girl who wants to be a navigator in the parallel world of “If the Straw Hat Clan led by Luffy lived high school life”, as in the previous work “Zoro Version”
Nami Version highlighted daily efforts and conflicts of mind of highschool girl Nami,who wants to be a navigator.

In Nami Version, the number of characters appearing in the background exceeds the number of ” Zoro Version”, and
you must not miss a number of easter eggs too.

Nami is a 17-year-old high school girl who devotes her youth to her daily efforts toward a big dream, “to be an excellent navigator someday.
Overwhelmed by all-night study, daily school life, and a life full of part-time jobs, her heart is about to break .

Luffy picked up the words “Help me…” from overwhelmed Nami.
and the big smiles from her kind friends made Nami one step forward to her dream …

The cast is voice actors from the anime *One Piece*, including Tanaka Mayumi(Luffy ) and Okamura Akemi(Nami). Character design is Kubonouchi Eisaku, known as the author of *Tsurumoku Bachelor Dorm*, and “BUMP OF CHICKEN” is in charge of music through the series.
“HUNGRY DAYS One Piece Nami Version” has been aired on TV commercials nationwide since September 13, 2019.

(C) Oda Eiichiro / Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation