The third series of "HUNGRY DAYS One Piece" called "HUNGRY DAYS One Piece Bibi Version", which is the collaboration commercial of "One Piece" and Nisshin Food's product "Cup Noodle" has been released exclusively online from Dec. 6, 2019. The television commercial will be released from Dec. 7.

"HUNGRY DAYS One Piece" is the animated commercial collaboration set around the idea of "what if the characters from 'One Piece' led a modern day high school life"..

The first series "Zoro Version" was released from May 2019, and became popular due to the surprise of "One Piece" becoming an adolescent anime story, as well as easter eggs from the original work, and small anecdotes, and it ranked in first place in the survey conducted by CM Soken Consulting, asking the popularity of commercials of June.
"Pre-trailer" and the 2nd "Nami Version" has a total of 35 million views, and it is one of the most popular commercial series.

The latest commercial, "Bibi Version" is set in a parallel world where Luffy and his friends from "Mugiwara Clan" are going through high school life, and depicts the feelings of a high school girl Bibi, who decided to transfer schools.
The commercial has more than 50 characters and the significant scenes and anecdotes related to Bibi can be seen in the video.

Additionally, the voice actresses are exactly the same from the tv animation, "One Piece" like the previous commercial series, including Watanabe Misa playing Bibi, Tanaka Mayumi playing Luffy, Okamura Tomomi playing Nami, and Nozawa Masako playing Dr. Kureha.
The character designs are done by Kubonouchi Eisaku and the music is done by BUMP OF CHICKEN, like the previous series.

"HUNGRY DAYS One Piece Bibi Version" has been released exclusively on the internet from 11:00 am of Dec. 6, and the TV commercial begins from Dec.7.

(C) Oda Eiichirou/Shueisha・Fuji TV・TOEI Animation