The characters from NHK’s children programs “Dekirukana” and the puppet show corner “Niko Niko, Pun” inside “Okaasan to Issho”, were revealed to have goods with Sanrio design under “Sanrio Design Production”.

“Dekirukana” and “Okaasan to Issho” are NHK’s children programs. The former celebrated its 50th broadcast anniversary in 2020, while the latter celebrated its 60th broadcast anniversary in 2019. This is the first time that the original characters from the NHK’s program will get a design production by Sanrio.

The Sanrio’s designs are: “Noppo-san (Takami Noppo) and his partner “Gonta-kun”, and the working tools from “Dekirukana”, and “Jajamaru”, “Pikkoro”, “Kashi no Ki Oji-san”, and “Hanabana Girls” from “Niko Niko, Pun”..

The Sanrio Design Production goods of “Dekirukana” and “Niko Niko, Pun” will be developed toward female target between late 20’s and 30’s that has watched the program. They are currently looking for a license corporation as well.

Dekirukana” Sanrio Design Production
(C) NHK Enterprise
“Niko Niko, Pun” Sanrio Design Production
(C) Studio Japipo/ NPE