“EVANGELION STORE OSAKA”, the first official “Evangelion” store in Kansai will be opening on the 7th floor of “Namba Marui” in Namba, Osaka, from Mar. 13, 2020.

This is the 6th official Evangelion store following, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Hakata, Hakone Eva-ya, and Shibuya Radio EVA STORE. This will be the first shop to open in the Kansai area and they are planning to have products exclusive to Osaka.
Since the lates film, “Evangelion: 3.0+1.0” (released on Jun. 27, 2020), is coming up, the store will be the base of the latest information about Evangelion. There will also be events and fairs for the fans to gather together, so if you're an Eva fan living in Kansai, you must check it out!

As the first event in commemoration of the opening, they will have a present of an “Opening Souvenir Towl” for those who buy more than 2,000JPY (tax included) of goods at “EVA STORE Osaka” on Mar. 13, 14, or 15 (one per purchase).
Also, as the second event, they are planning to give an “Original Shopping Bag” to those who buy more than 5,000JPY (tax included).

Official “Evangelion” store “EVANGELION STORE OSAKA” will open on the 7th floor of “Namba Marui” from Mar. 13, 2020.