Apr. 2020 animes are released one after another. Have you all decided which animes to check out?

This is an introduction to the latest animes, specifically in the “Sci-Fi” genre. Hopefully, this article will help those who haven't checked them out yet get interested in these animes.

“BNA” is the latest TV anime series from Studio Trigger known for their work on the film “Promare”.

Yoshinari You-san, known for works such as “Little Witch Academia”, and Nakashima Kazuki-san, known for works such as “Promare” and “Kill la Kill”, teamed up for the first time as director and scriptwriter for this original anime.
The story is set in the 21st century, where the existence of Beast-humans, which have been living in the darkness, has been revealed. One day, Kagemori Michiru (voiced by Moroboshi Sumire) turns into a Tanuki-human. She meets Ookami Shirou (voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa), the Wolf-human, in “Anima City”, a special area for Beast-humans. The two of them go on to investigate why Michiru turned into a Beast-human, and in the process get involved in unexpected events.

It should be noted that this is an “original” anime by Trigger. Lately, many animes are based on mangas, light novels, etc. Trigger, with original titles such as “Promare” and “Kill la Kill” under its belt, is a very rare case.

Also, the broadcast slot being “+Ultra” of Fuji TV is another element that raises expectations. It has aired titles such as “Revisions” and “Carole & Tuesday”, which have shown new possibilities of animation. Their new broadcast, “BNA”, fills us with expectations of a new enjoyment of anime.

“Listeners” is also an original anime. Jin-san, the creator of “Kagerou Project”, and Satou Dai, the scriptwriter of “Eureka Seven”, team up on this project.

The story is set in a world where the concept of music doesn't exist. Echo (voiced by Murase Ayumu), a boy that lives on by collecting scrap, meets a mysterious girl named μ (voiced by Takahashi Rie), who has input jacks on her body. The anime unfolds its story with legends of rock'n'roll history woven in.

The idea of connecting amps with the characters to control robots is mind-blowing, yet really matches the theme of this anime, “music”. Also, the names of the characters are inspired by musical terms, making it even more enjoyable for music fans.

3 episodes have already been aired and the mysteries of μ and the enemies called Miminashi are deepening. I recommend you start watching it before the story gets even more intense.

“Gleipnir” has a very eccentric genre of “Monster Sci-Fi Action x Rom-com”.

The anime is based on the comic serialized in “Young Magazine the 3rd” with over 300,000 copies published.
The story begins with Kagaya Shuuichi (Hanae Natsuki), who has the oddest ability of “transforming into a mascot costume”, meeting a mysterious girl named Aoki Kurea (voiced by Touyama Nao). Shuuichi and Kurea, who get caught in the midst of the monsters fighting for the “Coins”, which causes great disasters, together make their own path.

Another thing to take note of is that the anime has a bit of lewd content. In the 1st episode, which has already been aired, Shuuichi takes a sniff of Kurea and tries to take her underwear off when he saves her. Many comments such as “He's so lewd,” and “How dare you!” were posted on social media.

Also, a shady character called “Alien” has appeared. Since he is voiced by Sakurai Takahiro-san, the character is bound to give the story a “dangerous” twist.

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