From the TV anime “Shin Sakura Taisen the Animation” (“New Sakura Wars the Animation”) (scheduled to be broadcast in Apr. 2020), info regarding the characters of the new Flower Division “Moscow Combat Revue” have been released.
In addition, comments from the voice actors Watada Misaki, Akabane Kenji, and Shiraishi Haruka, as well as the character designer Mika Pikazo, mechanic designer Akitaka Mika, and director Ono Manabu were revealed.

“Project Sakura Wars the Animation” is an animated version of the new dramatic 3D action-adventure game “Project Sakura Wars”, which depicts the role of the “Imperial Combat Revue” fighting demons during a fictional Taishou era, with the capital Tokyo as the main setting.
The new story of “Project Sakura Wars” revolves around the protagonist, Amamiya Sakura who has become the replacement captain of the “Imperial Combat Revue Flower Division”.

The new “Moscow Combat Revue” had been suggested to appear since the release of “Project Sakura Wars the Animation”. Watada Misaki will be voicing Clara, the sole survivor of the “Moscow Combat Revue”, Akabane Kenji will play the role of Valery Kaminski, the captain of the “Moscow Combat Revue”, and Shiraishi Haruka will be voicing Leila, a mysterious girl who follows Kaminsky.

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