The Anime “BEASTARS” has reached its final episode. At the same time, the production of Season 2 has been announced, where new familiar characters from the original manga will be added speeding up the “Animal×Teenage Drama”.

“BEASTARS” is an “animal version” human drama comic currently serialized in the magazine “Weekly Shounen Champion” by Itagaki Paru. The manga swept many prizes such as the four major manga awards, including its first place for the “Manga Taishou 2018”.
The story takes place in a world where the carnivores and herbivores live together. When Tem the alpaca is murdered and devoured at the boarding school “Cherryton Academy”, Legoshi, a large gray wolf, and other various animals will become part of this teenage drama suffering from many problems such as discrimination, love, and weakness.

The 1st season of the anime was broadcast on Fuji TV “+ULTRA” from Oct. 2019.
Meeting his needs, the protagonist Legoshi, a large gray wolf, struggles with his first love. The heroine Haru, a dwarf rabbit, behaves bravely despite her self-awareness of being a weak herbivore. The isolated red deer Louis, whose rumors say he will be the next “BEASTAR”. In the past, he was “bought” at the Black Market. Juno, a female gray wolf who pursues her own ideals and falls in love with Legoshi. What kind of development is waiting for them in the next season?

The cast and the broadcast period for Season 2 of the anime “BEASTARS” will be announced soon.

(C) Itagaki Paru (Akita Publishing)/BEASTARS Production Committee