Unit 01 from “Evangelion” will appear on the cover of the male fashion magazine “smart March special issue”. As bonus items, a Unit 01 poach, and Asuka & Rei poach are included.

The “smart March special issue” magazine contains a report on”Evangelion” as well as a recap of the series. Interview with reportedly fans of Eva, Sekai (EXILE/FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE), Sentochihiro Chicchi(BiSH), and Ogata Risa(Tsubaki Factory) is also included.

“smart March special issue” featuring “Evangelion” on its cover to be sold from Jan. 25, 2020 on Japan countrywide 7-11 convenience stores and online stores.

Movie “EVANGELION:3.0 +1.0” will premiere on Jun. 27, 2020.