The release date for the movie “Psalms of Planets EUREKA SEVEN: Hi-Evolution” has been decided on November 26, 2021. Moreover, for part 3 key visual, summary, main staff, main cast, and cast comments were released all at once.

“Psalms of Planets EUREKA SEVEN” is the story of a boy Renton going on a journey after meeting a girl Eureka, and its TV series started in 2005.
This is the sequel to “Psalms of Planets EUREKA SEVEN: Hi-Evolution” in 2017, and “ANEMONE/Psalms of Planets EUREKA SEVEN: Hi-Evolution” in 2018, and also the last movie for the “Hi-Evolution” series, which is planned to be 3-part series.

The key visual depicts Iris, who seems to be feared by the world filled with hatred toward “EUREKA”, and Eureka, who points the gun at the enemy with a serious facial expression while protecting Iris. Two-shots of only 2 “EUREKA” in the world, who almost look like a parent and a child with the same blue hair and purple eyes that both characters have.

The main cast for the movie were also announced.
Nazuka Kaori plays the protagonist Eureka, Endou Runa plays the new “EUREKA” called Iris, Koshimizu Ami plays Anemone, who is the leader in Buena Vista troops of Blue Earth Army overlooks Eureka compensating her crimes, and Yamadera Kouichi will play Dui Novak, who attempts the terrorist attacks to destroy the world.

“EUREKA/Psalms of Planets EUREKA SEVEN: Hi-Evolution” will be released on November 26, 2021.

Nazuka Kaori/Eureka Thurston

The final journey now begins.
I was allowed to live with Eureka’s life filled with diversity and change. She experienced many things, from joy and happiness to the pain and regrets, but she still has a lot of things that she has not yet understood, and she is in the middle of her journey while suffering but looking for a ray of hope. She still has a young personality and is not a complete being yet, but I am glad if you would accept her suffering and thoughts.

Endou Runa/Iris

What I kept in mind while playing Iris is being a child. I especially cared to be an emotional child, since she honestly expresses what she is thinking now.
That is the charm of Iris and the source of her cuteness. While she gradually opens her heart, she obtained the relationship to understand and trust each other as “the same Eureka”. I am happy if you feel the distance between that Eureka.

Koshimizu Ami/Anemone
I played Anemone in parts 2 and 3 in the movie series constructed of a total of 3 parts.
It is my pleasure and also happy to play the same role after 15 years.
Although I play the same role in this movie series, she was born and raised differently from the TV series. In response, I started the acting plan from the scratch from learning about her personality structure. This is how I saw a new world and a new Eureka through Anemone.
Many things would change with the same difference in life and fate. There could be different possibilities in our world because we are also the beings that keep making decisions. However, only we at this moment of time can make us think that this life is the best. I hope that the present, which is 15 years after the beginning of the TV series, would be shiny and bright!