The Blu-ray and DVD of “Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution” will be released on June 24. The special PV feature footage from the work and the theme song “Eureka (feat. kojikoji) by Hentai Shinshi Club has been released along with the cover of the original soundtrack that will be released together.

This is the third movie of the “Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution” series that started from fall 2017. It was released in November 2021 as the finale of the series.

The animation PV of “Eureka (feat. kojikoji)” by Hentai Shinshi Club is approximately 4 minutes long that enables you to refresh your memory on the story together with the theme song. It also features the main character of “Eureka Seven” as well as the actions scenes.

The original soundtrack “NAOKI SATO Collections ‘Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution'” will also be released together with the Blu-ray and DVD on June 24. This limited LP size edition CD that was sold only at certain theatres and A-on STORE during the movie release, will be available at the stores. The cover features a design that is linked to the limited edition. The price is 4,400 JPY (tax included)