Ornate hairpins based on Makise Kurisu and Shiina Mayuri from **STEINS;GATE** have been announced. The hairpins are scheduled to be released in May 2020.

The hairpin is made with brass. The product isn't just great for wearing in your hair, it is also a perfect fit for any collection.

The Kurisu model uses overlapping gears as a motif, with an inner gear that's actually able to rotate. The attached lab member pin badge can be removed and attached to something else if you'd like.

The Mayuri model features a pocket watch and star charm, following the main motif of “Handshake with stardust (Stardust Shake hand)”. The attached Upa charm is also removable.

The “STEINS;GATE” Image Hairpins will be released around May 2020. The price is 8900JPY each (tax excluded). (C)2009-2013 MAGES./5pb./Nitroplus