On March 4, 2021, an original anime “GREAT PRETENDERGreat Pretender” washas been nominated for ‘Annie Awards’ Best Direction – TV/Media category.

“GREAT PRETENDERGreat Pretender” is a crime entertainment, and the screenplay and series composition were handled by, Sadamoto Yoshiyuki (“Neon Genesis Evangelion” / character design), Kaburagi Hiro (“91 Days” / director), WIT STUDIO (“Attack on Titan” / animation production), Kosawa Ryota (“The Confidenceman JP” / screen writerscreenplay), for the first time in TV anime series.
It has been streamedwas distributed on Netflix from Jun 2020, and broadcast on Fuji TV ‘+ Ultra’ and other channels, and drew an attention.

It has been announced that “GREAT PRETENDERGreat Pretender” was nominated for ‘Annie Awards’ Best Direction – TV/Media category. through the official Twitter account on March 4, 2021.
FThe fans reacted to the news, saying ‘Congratulations! I hope you can win the award!’, ‘Wow! Congratulations! I am waiting for a sequel!’, and ‘Wow! Amazing!! Congratulations! I am looking forward to Season 3’. A lot of comments have beenare being posted with their congratulations and wished for a sequel.

(C)WIT STUDIO/Great Pretenders