It has been revealed that the voice actor Hirata Hiroaki and child actress Inagaki Kurumi will join the cast of the original characters in the movie “Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: A Wonderful Day with Everyone” (Roadshow on Mar. 20, 2020) .
In addition, comments have been left from Hirata and Inagaki, director Fukasawa Toshinori, and producer Naitou Keisuke of Toei Animation.

“Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: A Wonderful Day with Everyone” depicts the adventures of Pretty Cures from the previous anime “Healin' Good PreCure”, “Star Twinkle PreCure”, and “Hugtto! PreCure”, trying to escape from the “Wonderful Day”.
13 Pretty Cures of 3 generations who were trapped in the world of “Today” by the spirit “Refrain”, ruler of “Yesterday”, struggle to protect the spirit Miraclun (ruler of “Tomorrow”) in order to go to the world of “Tomorrow”.

This is the first voice acting challenge for Inagaki, who is in charge of playing the role of Miraclun, the spirit of “Tomorrow” and key to the story. Hirata, similarly to Miraclun, plays the role of the spirit Refrain, ruler of”Yesterday,” both original characters. It will be their first long-awaited appearance to the “Precure” series.

What kind of exciting development Miraclun, creator of Miraclun Lights, will bring to us? And what is the purpose of Refrain? Pay also particular attention to the entry of the original characters, played by a wonderful talented voice actor, and a fresh talented voice actress.

“Pretty Cure Miracle Leap: A Wonderful Day with Everyone The Movie” will be in theaters from Mar. 20, 2020.

<Full comments are posted below>
[The role of Refrain: Hirata Hiroaki ]
I'm very honored to be part of the production Pretty Cure, a 17-years-long series.
If I was told that the role was a new member of Pretty Cures, I'd have been a little confused as to whether I could do an “Uncle Cure”. Now I am relieved I got to to play the enemy.
However, after looking at the Refrain's visuals and settings, he was a type of character I had never played before, so I started thinking “Is that really me? Maybe is there some mistake in the voice actor name they have chosen?”, but now I feel very motivated to play him.
I'll do my best to play this formidable enemy to leave a great impression on the fans and hold high the Pretty Cure's success!

[Role of Miraclun: Inagaki Kurumi]
I've always liked Pretty Cure, so when they offered me the role, I kept asking my mother, “Really?”. I was happy that the name was a little similar to mine. I have been watching Pretty Cure since I was a little child with my older sister. I also remember going to the cinema for the first time to watch a Pretty Cure movie, cheering the characters with a cast of Miracle Light. One of the goals this year was “I want to start working as voice actor”, and now I am so happy that the dream has come true with Pretty Cures. I am nervous because it is my first time, but I will do my best to understand the feelings of Miraclun while closely observing her expressions! Everyone, please cast miracle lights at the movie theater to support Pretty Cure. And make miracles!

[Fukasawa Toshinori (Director) & Naitou Keisuke (Producer / Toei Animation)]
The spirit of “Yesterday”, “Refrain is a character that rewinds “Today” over and over again for a certain purpose, and the reason behind that is one of the highlights of this work. As I worked with Hirata-san for many years, I thought he was the only one to be able to express the “pathos” and “mind's subtleness” that emerged from Refrain. I have great expectations not only about Hirata's strength, but also about his pleasant charming.

In the movie Pretty Cure, the spirit Miraclun is a very important character that produces the Miracle Light, a children's support item. We are aiming to create a character so cute that you want to protect it. We have chosen Inagaki Kurumi-san as a guest so that the children could also feel age-close to her. Although we haven't made the dubbing yet, I can say this is the first challenge for Inagaki-san as a voice actor, so I would be glad if you could see the innocence and cuteness of Inagaki-san herself through the character named Miraclun.

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