From the musical “GREAT PRETENDER”, a visual featuring 9 main cast members, including Miyata Toshiya, has been released. The performance will be held at the Brillia HALL in Tokyo in July 2021 and at the Orix Theater in Osaka in August.

This work is the stage adaptation of the TV anime “GREAT PRETENDER”, written and composed by Kosawa Ryota, who is known for the movie “Confidence Man JP”. Written by Saito Eisaku and directed by Kawahara Masahiko, it will be performed as a fast-paced “musical ” , including live band performances.

In the released visual, members of the main cast, including Miyata, who plays the main protagonist Edamura Makoto, also known as Edamame, are gathered together.
Miya Rurika as Laurent Thierry, a con artist who works with Edamame, Kato Ryo as Kitaoji, an original character of the stage adaptation that leads the audience to the “Gretpre” world, Yamamoto Chihiro as Abigail Jones, a con artist with outstanding athletic ability, Senna Ayase as the beautiful and intelligent FBI agent Paula Dickins, Fukumoto Shinichi as Kudo, who works with Edamame, and Hirata Atsuko as Kim Siwon, a skilled con artist and an old friend of Laurent.

In addition, Mikami Ichiro as Salaza, a former gangster boss who now is a bodyguard, and Otani Ryosuke as Eddie Cassano, an important person of this incident, a Hollywood movie producer on the outside, but in reality he is a mafia boss who controls the underworld.
A collection of unique casts will be delivered by a live band by Kawahara Masahiko, a genius in the theater world.

The musical drama “GREAT PRETENDER” will be performed at the Brillia HALL in Tokyo in July 2021 and at the Orix Theater in Osaka in August. Tickets will be on sale from June 12.

Creator: Kosawa Ryota
I am very happy and grateful that a new world of “GREAT PRETENDER” will be born in the form of a musical.
The main character, Edamame, has talent, but the audience is always on the edge of their seats wondering if he is going to be okay, which is exactly what happened to Miyata who played the character.. Miya Rurika as Laurent, Kato Ryo the original character, and other unique and diverse casts, and Kawahara-san, the director, and all the talented staff of the Hyakusenrenma gathered together, and it will be supervised by me. I’m excited as a viewer.
I think we can deliver a refreshing and refreshing time to everyone. Please look forward to it.

Director: Kawahara Masahiko
There was the manga adaptation, the original was an anime. It’s a pretense story of constant deceiving between everyone, and it has an impression of a high-quality entertaining work that you can enjoy without thinking about anything difficult.
One of the things I always keep in mind when making works is to make it for many people. The individuality of the actor becomes a synergistic effect in playing that role, and attractive characters that are a bit different from the original appear one after another. I wish I could make such a musical. This is my first meeting with Miyata-kun, but I’m sure he’s a wonderful young man, so I’m hoping that he will become Edamame full of originality.
Although each genre is different, a very nice cast gathered this time. We have a jazzy live band and are producing a lot of original songs for the stage, so we will do our best to deliver thrilling and dazzling entertainment, including singing scenes that are not in the original. Please, look forward to it.

Miyata Toshiya as Edamura Makoto (Edamame)
I am a fan of the original anime, so when I got the role, I was worried, “Well, is it okay if it will be me?” But I love this work and I love Edamame the most! So I started thinking, “I want to do it by myself, I want to carry it on my back! Please let me do it!” By the way, when I told to my friends who love anime that I will play Edamame, they said, “Well, it’s not Laurent” (laughs).
I myself lived without thinking too much about being deceived or deceiving someone, so when I watched the original anime, I wondered what would happen if the insanely interesting story of “CASE1: Los Angeles Connection” will be staged. The pictures and animations are also interesting to describe, and each character is very cute and lovely.
This time, I participated in a photoshoot as Edamame for the first time, and I was really excited! !! While having such joy, I also feel the pressure that I have to do my best to practice when I play Edamame properly, not just play cosplay. I think it will be a very interesting work, and I will do my best!