A new series of the TV anime “Log Horizon” for the first time in 5 years called “Log Horizon: The Collapse of the Round Table” will begin in Oct. 2020 on NHK E Tele.

The original novel of “Log Horizon” is a fantasy written by Touno Mamare.
It depicts adventures of Shiroe, a man who was captured in the long-lasting online video game, “Elder Tale”, and the 1st season of anime was aired from Oct. 2013, and the 2nd season was aired from Oct., 2014.
After 5 years, a new series will begin with the title, “Log Horizon: The Collapse of the Round Table”.

A year has passed since the “Catastrophe”, which was the incident that trapped the adventurers inside of the game.
Even in its moments of prosperity, multiple issues existed in the town of Akiba, including the arrival of a new type of the monster called “Genius”, the power struggle between the aristocrats of east and west, the disparity between the adventurers, etc.
Now, a crucial danger approaches “the Round Table Talk”, which is a symbol of unity among the adventurers…

TV anime “Log Horizon: The Collapse of the Round Table” will be broadcast on NHK E Tele from Oct. 2020.

(C)Touno Mamare・KADOKAWA/LHP