TV Anime “Sing 'Yesterday' for Me” will be broadcast from Apr. 4, 2020 on TV Asashi, new midnight anime slot “NUMAnimation”. Other than the announcement of the Kobayashi Chikahiro, Miyamoto Yume, Hanazawa Kana, Hanae Natsuki as the main cast, the key visual, teaser trailer and cast's comments were released also.

The original works of the TV Anime “Sing 'Yesterday' for Me” is a manga by Toume Kei that was serialized in “Business Jump” and “Grand Jump” since 1998 and had ended in 2015.
After graduating from college, Rikuo is working at a convenience store after failing to get employed in a stable job. One day, a mysterious young girl, Haru, who brings crow with her, appeared in front of Rikuo, who is living an uneasiness live toward the future without having any goals. While Rikuo was being bewildered by her unprecedented behavior, he found out that his adored classmate, Shinako had returned to Tokyo….

The casts are Kobayashi Chikahiro (voice of Uozumi Rikuo), Miyamoto Yume (voice of Nonoko Haru), Hanazawa Kana (voice of Morinome Shinako), and Hanae Natsuki (voice of Hayakawa Ro). Each character can be seen in the key visual as well.

TV Anime “Sing 'Yesterday' for Me” will be broadcast from Apr. 4, 2020 in TV Asahi “NUMAnimation”, and others.
“AbemaTV” will have an exclusivity advance streaming at the same time with the terrestrial broadcast, and a streaming limited episode after the main story.

<Below are the comments>
【Kobayashi Chikahiro (voice of Uozumi Rikuo)】

“Sing 'Yesterday' for Me” is a youth drama about the trouble faced by the university students while taking action based on their thoughts. I will voice Rikuo with great care while sympathizing with his indecisiveness and late bloomer. I will do my best in an approach as if it was a live-action movie or stage play.

【Miyamoto Yume (voice of Nonoko Haru)】

This is a realistic work that depicts the unstable emotion of youngsters. I shared the same feeling with their conflict situations. Among all of them, Haru-chan is a girl who will face those situations up front more than anyone. I will do my best in voicing her while receiving her courage and impressed her strong yet cool personality.

【Hanazawa Kana (voice of Morinome Shinako)】

Shinako-san is a school teacher, she is good at cooking and looks as if she is a perfect woman but she is weak when it comes to romance…. It will make me happy if you could watch over her slowly yet irritating romance development in the daily scenery-like film.

【Hanae Natsuki (voice of Hayakawa Ro)】

After doing the after recording, it makes me think once again the conversation tempo of this works is quite interesting. Even the changes of emotion were drawn precisely during the silent scene. Ro's romance has a very high hurdle to overcome but I will try my best without giving up, so do look forward to it.

(C)Toume Kei/Shueisha・”Sing 'Yesterday' for Me” Production Committee