The comics “Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochiwarui”, that have exceeded 1,000,000 copies printed and depicts the age-gap romantic comedy between a worker and a high school girl, have been determined to have an anime on TV. The visual that the manga writer Mogusu drew for the decision to have an anime has been released.

One rainy day, Amakusa Ryo, an office worker, was helped by a unfamiliar high school girl at a train station. He got to know that she was his sister's best friend, Arima Ichika. However, Ryo, who is always running after girls, offers a kiss or date to show his appreciation to Ichika, but she refused it saying “Gross.” However, it opens a new door inside of Ryo and leads him into a fanatical love for her.

Since that day, Ryo has been developing a straightforward approach and show of love. Ichika who feels all disgusted gives him verbal abuse with no mercy, but he always takes it as the other side of showing love…

Let's await follow-up information such as broadcast time, voice actors, and staff members.

(C) Mogusu / Ichijinsha