The fantasy manga “To Your Eternity” by Oima Yoshitoki, known for her previous work “A Silent Voice”, gets adapted into a TV Anime which will be broadcast on NHK Educational TV from Oct. 2020. In addition, key visual and comments left by Oima have been revealed.

“To Your Eternity” is originally a fantasy manga currently serialized in “Weekly Shounen Magazine”.
At the beginning, the protagonist Fushi is sent to Earth in the form of a sphere. He possesses two abilities; “the ability to take the shape of those who have a strong impetus”, and “the ability to return to life after death”. Then he starts changing into other forms, rock, wolf, and finally a boy, but his mind is still that of a child who wanders around knowing nothing.
Fushi experience growth after encountering the humans during his journey, and learned about warm feelings and various survival techniques. For he will later then go into a fierce battle against his destined enemies, the Nokkers, forced to separate himself from who he loves…… Bearing his pain, he continues to survive with great determination, choosing his own way to live.

The released key visual shows Fushi standing still, a piece that draws attention to his journey with his unique abilities in particular.
This is the first work of the original author Oima to be turned into a TV anime series, as her previous work “A Silent Voice” was an anime movie. She also left a comment about the new broadcast saying “I hope the series will be able to meet all the fans' expectations”.

TV Anime “To Your Eternity” is scheduled to broadcast on NHK Educational TV from Oct. 2020.

(C) Oima Yoshitoki・Kodansha/NHK・N E P