“Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle”, which is a fantasy and comedy sleeping manga that is currently serialized in “Weekly Shounen Sunday”, will get its anime adaptation and is to be broadcast in 2020. Together with that, it was revealed that Princess Syalis is voiced by Minase Inori and Doga Kobo will be handling the anime production.

The original work of “Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle” is currently serialized in “Weekly Shounen Sunday” and is a fantasy and comedy sleeping manga by Kumanomata Kagiji.
In an era where both human and demon existed, the demon king had abducted the human princess and confined her in his castle. In the cell, the confined Princess Syalis muttered “…there is no other thing…. I can do except sleeping”. She then secretly escaped from her cell in search for a more peaceful place to slumber in the demon king castle while the captive princess does what she wants with the demons as well.

It was announced that Minase will be involved as the main cast as the princess of the human unified kingdom “Kaimin Country” and is known as “Princess Syalis” by its citizens.
Moreover, the animation production will be handled by Doga Kobo (Known for works like “Himouto! Umaru-chan”, “Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me”, etc.). The teaser visual which featured the cute yet devilish Princess Syalis who desires slumber is revealed.

TV Anime “Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle” will premier in 2020.

<Below are the full commentaries>
【Princess Syalis voice by Minase Inori】

I remembered that I was quite excited when I first heard the title “Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle” which makes me wonder what type of story is it.
After I read the original, I discover it's about a princess that was abducted by the demon king! A huge pinch! kind of development… or so I thought.
It's a totally different story than what I thought as Princes Syalis kept causing troubles to her surrounding with her recklessness. It was quite interesting!

She gives off an absent-minded atmosphere at first glance but she also off an impression of a tough princess at the same time.
During the audition, I was told to not get too pulled into the quiet atmosphere and raise her elegance and brightness at the same time.
I will do my best on that part so that the animation will be smoother.

【Original Author Kumanomata Kagiji】
I am Kumanomata who is very grateful with the production staff as “Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle” is getting its anime adaptation.
Is it fine for my work to be produced by such marvelous staff!
As the author, I can't stop my laughter when I hear the latest information everyday.
As the only information available now is the “Anime Adaptation” only, I will let you in with some hidden information, as I am in the mood to share it!! I think that the princess and others are also in a good mood. Stay tune for the next article!

(C)Kumanomata Kagiji・Shogakukan/ Maou-jou Suimin Sokushin Production Committee (Provisional)