It was revealed that starting from Dec. 20 of the Christmas season, the English dubbing and English subtitled of the movie “Promare” will be screened. The fans have been longing for the English dubbing and English subtitled since it was launched in North America in Sep.. Now it will be finally imported back to Japan.

“Promare” is the first original theatrical animation by the duo Imaishi Hiroyuki (director) and Nakajima Kazuki (scriptwriter), both known for the previous works “Gurren Lagann” and “Kill la Kill”. Since its release in May, 2019, the comment from the fans, that was mesmerized by the outstanding expression of the image, had spread and it had now become the longest and biggest hit despite being an original movie.

TRIGGER had supervised the overseas casting for the dubbing of this movie. “To think that line can be dub in this way in English!”, do look forward for the new different experience from the Japanese Ver. in the theater.

“Promare” English dubbing and English subtitled will be released starting from Dec. 20. Additional theaters, and such will be released in the official website.

(C)TRIGGER・Nakajima Kazuki/XFLAG