The card deck “Quotes I want to recite out loud! Promare Character Quote Karuta” commemorate the 1st anniversary of the Studio Trigger x Production XFLAG movie “Promare”. The deck will be on sale from May 24, 2020.

It is an original deck of Karuta cards based on the movie “Promare”, which was released in May 2019. Plenty of famous scenes from the movie make an appearance with a selection of 90 memorable lines.
Of course, the Karuta game can be enjoyed in the same traditional way as Hyakunin Isshu Karuta (a Japanese card game, where one person reads out the poem on a card, and the others compete to find the matching card as fast as possible), but by as using the illustrated cards to play Kray Mekuri (a play on Bozu Mekuri, a game wherein players compete for the most cards), the possibilities become endless!

The product will be released on May 24, to coincide with the first anniversary of Promare, and will cost 3,500JPY (tax included). Pre-orders start on Apr. 13, 2020.