The 4th Popular Voice Actor x Mindfulness Collaboration” by the relaxation app “cocorus”, was released and it will have Hayami Saori delivers narrated mindfulness meditation content.

“Popular Voice Actor x Mindfulness Collaboration”, where some popular voice actors serve as a guest narrator is projected by a relaxation app “cocorus” focusing on the voice which is significant in mindfulness meditation guide narration.

The 4th guest, Hayami is a well-known voice actress for Kocho Shinobu of “Kimetsu no Yaiba” and Jabami Yumeko of “Kakegurui”. She narrates in two contents: “A nice day with morning meditation”, which is suitable for a comfortable and mindful day and “Thank you at the end of the day”, which is for relaxing at the end of the day.

Her mindful meditation contents are being released in “cocorus” from Jan. 16, 2020. Furthermore, in the official Twitter account, a Twitter Follow & Retweet Campaign will be held, in which three people will be able to win Saori Hayami’s autographed signing board through a lottery.