It was announced that the light novel “Boku-tachi no Remake” by the duo, scenario write Kio Nachi (known for “Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue” and “Grisaia Series”) and the illustrator Eretto, will get an anime adaptation. The PV was released as well.

The light novel “Boku-tachi no Remake”, currently being published by MF Bunko J, is about the boring game director, Hashiba Kyouya, who time slips to ten years earlier when he was a student at an art college, struggles to redo his own youth by creating new work with his classmates that become famous creators in the future.

The anime adaptation was announced after the countdown that was drawn by amazing illustrators such as sune, Hirameki Bonjin, Tomari Mari, Rimukoro, Natsume Eri, and others. Further information on the anime adaptation will be announced in the special website. Check out volume 7, which is the latest volume of the series, that will be released on Dec. 25.