The manga “Ane Naru Mono” (My Elder Sister) which depicts an “abnormal sibling love” will get an anime adaptation as an OVA! As a commemoration for the anime adaptation and the sales of the fourth volume on Jan. 10, 2020, a large advertisement board is being set up in Shinjuku station.

“Ane Naru Mono” is a manga currently serialized in KADOKAWA “Dengeki Comic NEXT” with over 750,000 copies printed. This manga is written by Iida Pochi。, the illustrator for the light novel “Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?”, which had an anime adaptation in 2019. The fourth volume will be on sale on Jan. 10.

The protagonist, Yuu is a lonely young boy who lost his parent in an accident and is passed around between his relatives. One day, the “strange-looking beauty in human form”, Chiya appears in front of Yuu and requests “I wanted to be your elder sister”. Thus, the life of the “siblings” begins…

At this point, the cast information has yet to be announced. So, let's wait for more upcoming information.
Moreover, a large advertisement board is being set up at Metro Promenade of the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line inside Shinjuku Station between Jan. 6 until Jan. 12. Do check it out if you are a fan.

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